Don’t Ignore the Noise from the Steering


Do you hear the noise when you turn on the steering wheel? If you do, no matter what type of a noise it is, be aware that it’s not a normal condition for your car and something is going wrong.

Under ordinary circumstances, turning your steering wheel shouldn’t cause any unusual noise; it should simply direct your car in the direction you want to go.

So if you notice some clunks, knocks or squeaks when you turn the steering wheel, it’s a sign that something in the system is causing friction that needs attention.

Depending on the type of the noise, your car might be experiencing one of the following issue.

If it’s clunk, squeak, click, or creak: Usually this is a sign of worn shocks, suspension bushings, ball joints or tie rods.  These noises can also be accompanied by wandering, poor ride quality or vibrations.

Screech, squeal or whine: If you hear screech, squeal or whine, these sounds might indicate a problem in your power steering system, which could be either a lose belt, bad pump or low power steering fluid.

Metallic grind or ring: Metallic grind or ring might speak about the worn brake components. You should get replaced either your pads, shoes or rotors as soon as possible.

Crunching or clicking while turning sharply: If you hear crunching or clicking while turning sharply, then it’s the most likely that your CV (constant velocity) joint has gone bad and should be replaced.

What about the hum? A hum usually indicates the wheel bearing is going bad. The best way is to get it checked by a trustworthy and qualified mechanic to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Whatever sound it is, don’t ignore the noise from steering. In some cases, you might be able to detect and fix the problem yourself, however, if you cannot solve the issue, get your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic.

Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in determining the issue your vehicle is having.