Safety Tips for Driving


Whether you are driving alone or with passengers, safety should always be your top concern. Take driving seriously by following the below tips to avoid any type of distraction behind the wheel.

No distraction. If you are not driving alone and your passengers make a lot of noise that might be pretty distracting. Ask them not to talk loudly as it’s important for the driver to be maximum concentrated.

Forget about your cell phone. What can be more distracting than a cell phone? Avoid using cell phones when driving. A lot of car accidents happen because of texting while driving as this reduces driver’s reaction time. Don’t drive and text.

Take precautions when driving in the dark. Nighttime driving can put a strain on the eyes, however, sometimes driving at night is unavoidable. To make your nocturnal journey safe drive in a moderate speed, dim your dash lights and instrument panel and keep your windshield clean and your headlights in a good condition. Also, do not stare at oncoming lights as they can disrupt your concentration.

Don’t drive drunk. The worst thing you can do is to get behind the wheel when drunk. Alcohol causes a number of impairments that lead to car accidents. Even at low blood-alcohol levels, intoxication reduces reaction time and coordination and lowers inhibitions, which can cause drivers to make bad choices.

Do not drive when you are tired. All you need is to be very concentrated which is pretty hard when you are tired. Avoid driving when you are tired as drowsy driving is very dangerous.

Keep a safe distance. If a car makes a sudden turn or stop, drivers need enough time to react so don’t follow too closely.

Keep your vehicle safe. Vehicle maintenance isn’t just an important way to extent your car’s life – it’s a major safety issue. If your car is unsafe, your driving can’t be safe. At Pristine we will help you keep your vehicle safe, dependable and on the road longer.

We recommend you taking these driving safety tips very seriously.