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  • 15 Sep


    Keeping your car in good condition means that you need to be dealing with auto repair shops or auto body shops that are near you. If you can find an honest mechanic or auto body-man, it can make your life easy and make the driving experience more enjoyable. Otherwise, this experience will be very stressful. Imagine every time sitting in your car and starting the engine, you remember about the last job your mechanic did that angered you because you were overcharged and the problem was not completely fixed. In fact, if you still hear the hissing sound from the engine which was promised to be have gone away, it will get under your skin and stress you out like nothing else. Since you are driving every day, you will be stressed out every day. This you do not need in your everyday life.

    As a car owner you should get an experienced, honest, and reliable mechanic and an auto repair shop that services its customers with complete ethics. If you live in the neighborhood within Los Angeles, then you are in luck because Pristine Automotive Center is a high quality auto body repair shop based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. At Pristine Automotive Center, the staff is trained to be committed to excellence and to serve customers like superstars.

    Established in 1994, Pristine Automotive Center Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in providing comprehensive auto body and repair services. Quite simply, when you turn to the team at Pristine Auto, you’re treated like family!

    At Pristine, we offer a complete host of services, including, but not limited to:

    • auto body repairs
    • collision repairs
    • tires, breaks, oil changes
    • suspension work
    • 24-hour towing services
    • car upholstery repairs and replacement
    • auto glass replacement and window tinting
    • auto detailing services
    • car rental services

    Why you should choose Pristine Automotive Center?

    • Fast, easy, and awesome customer service
    • Prices are the best among the other body shops or auto repair shops
    • High level of service and are committed to excellence
    • The goal is to exceed your expectations of excellence
    • The reviews speak for themselves! Check out our glowing reviews on Yelp

    Repair your car at Pristine Automotive, auto body shop in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, and stay out of stress while enjoying the special discounts with quality car repairs and competitive prices.  You have the legal right to take your car to the body shop of your choice, and we hope Pristine Automotive Services meets your expectations.

    Come check us out and be treated like family! We’re at your service.