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  • 22 Jul
    3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Clean Posted by admin Comments Off


    Keeping your vehicle clean has many advantages. Some of the key ones are keeping you and your passengers safe, prolonging value to allow to sell at higher price and allowing you to take pride in your ownership.

    • As with all things, safety is first and foremost. Loose garbage or bottles can collect and find their way under the floorboard, preventing you from being able to stop safely in an emergency. Also, should you leave food in the car for an extended amount of time, it can invite unwelcome guests like flies and other insects. But the worst of spoiled food and spilled drinks is mold which can lead to a bad odor and possibly health issues.
    • If you wash your car, take special attention to both the tires and the area between the tires and the car, called a wheel well. By keeping the tires and wheel well clean of any pebbles or debris, your car will continue to get good traction on the road and maximize the life of the tire. Keep a close eye on the tire pressure as this is a very serious component in driving safely at freeway speeds. Uneven tire pressure between tires may be dangerous. All of the tires should have the same pressure as recommended by manufacturer and also labeled on the tires.
    • Lastly, if you are planning to or have to drive on the snow, make it a good practice to wash thoroughly not only the body of the car, but underneath it to ensure there is no salt buildup that would otherwise be a staging ground for rust to form. This is often the case with many cars losing their values due to excessive wear and tear caused by weather conditions and lack of maintenance. You need to get best buck when it the time to trade-in or sell comes.

    By taking these tips under consideration, you will keep yourself and your passengers safe, keep your car in good condition while making it possible to get top dollar for it!