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  • 13 May
    Car Care Tips: Summer Maintenance Posted by admin Comments Off

    summer maintenance

    Summer can be a brutally hot time of a year that will make your car work harder through some challenging conditions where it will need to function properly while keeping you cool. Here are three ways to keep your car in tip top shape as summer approaches.

    • First thing to keep in mind is that there are many moving parts in an engine and clean motor oil is essential to keeping them run cool. Make sure that you stay on schedule for your oil and oil filter change. Are you unsure of how often you need to change your oil? Check with your mechanic to see what kind of oil is best suited for your car and the intervals of how often to change it. This is a very important piece of information as wrong oil may damage your car’s engine. Don’t have a mechanic? Give Pristine a call and we will gladly assist you. Some motor oils such as “synthetic”, may allow you to drive your car without changing the oil as often, saving you money. Whereas other oil can be specifically designed for older cars and needs changing more frequently.
    • Check your car’s radiator fluid. This fluid may be a combination of antifreeze and water which is the best combination. Often times, people just pour water or just antifreeze; however, it is a best practice to mix water and antifreeze together equally for Los Angeles, California climate. If the radiator water level keeps on dropping, you may have a leak in the radiator. Immediately check with your mechanic as this may cause serious damage to the car and may be dangerous as it will also cause sudden stops with dangerously overheated engine.
    • And lastly, check your tire pressure. Winter can put a beating on tires and it’s a good practice to ensure your tires’ pressure is equal and that there is enough tread. There will be an article discussing more about tires and how to maintain them throughout the year.

    P.S. As an additional maintenance, check your windshield wiper fluid reservoir and your windshield wipers. Your mechanic will be able to tell you the size wipers you need and show you the different kinds of fluids you can use that will help keep your vision clear through the thick summer storms that sometimes bring armies of bugs crashing on the glass. An easy way to check is by feeling the wiper to feel them smooth and not rough. Also, they should be able to clean a windshield without issue. There are a variety of windshield wiper manufacturers, price typically is a sign of quality and longevity but ask your shop to hear what they say is the best.