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  • 25 Nov
    How to paint it right! Posted by Marina Dumanyan Comments Off

    Auto Paint Shop

    What color, paint and materials should I use to paint my vehicle? If you ask this question to 20 different painters you may get 50 different answers. There are lots of auto paint shops in Los Angeles; each of them offers hundreds of different colors, brands and effects: synthetic colors, candy colors, metallic colors, shiny colors… This is not helping!

     Well let’s start with the easiest possible way:

    • The color

    Ask yourself what color you want to get? Don’t research on how that color will look on your car or is it fancy this year… just think simple. For example, you want your car to be green, well here we go: the first step is done. Everything else will fly around this concept.

    But keep in mind one thing: there are so-called “safe” and “risky” colors. You don’t need to be an artist to assume that red, for example, is a risky color while grey is rather safe. It doesn’t mean that a red car is an accident magnet; however, some statistics show that red cars are caught up in more accidents than others.

    • You can mix colors, but not brands

    Use the same company’s products, don’t mix. First of all, mixing two different brands of auto paint may result in some strange color variation that will not represent what you initially wanted. And secondly, this mixture may have chemical reaction going on inside it since different companies use different chemical ingredients in the paint; as a result the paint may get cracks, flake off the car or fade very soon.

    So make a small research on auto paint shops and brands. Don’t rely simply on price, go for its durability, find the best price-quality mixture for you, select the one you like and stick to it from the basic till the top coat.

    • Even the primer defines the final coat’s shine

    If you start painting from the bare metal surface you will definitely need a primer coat. Here we have two options: etching primer or epoxy primer. What does the primer do? It adds corrosion resistance option to the metal surface and creates bond with upcoming paint coat, so the paint won’t go off soon. Use one of these primers, but never both (remember no mixing).

    • How many stages of coloring will you need?

    Single-stage painting, this is mostly done with enamel auto paint: it’s thick, durable and affordable, and it will give your car 70’s retro look.

    Urethane: it’s the first choice of many today’s painters; it gives UV protection, is strong and has a large range of colors. It requires base coat/clear coat two stage application.

    Both application methods have their pluses and minuses. For instance, single stage application is quicker, while two coats give deeper color to the vehicle and it looks fresh a lot longer.

    • Keep it classy or go wild?

    This is completely up to you. Whether you want your car to be classic, genuine one-color vehicle or a crazy Star Wars’ inter galaxy space racer, keep in mind that your car is not just a part of your image or others’ perception of who you are, it is a place where you should feel yourself comfortable and safe.