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  • 14 Oct
    What are Common Mechanical Problems

    Common Mechanical Problems

    What are Common Electrical Problems and How to Avoid Them?

    Electrical issues are the most common problems that can happen to your car.


    The alternator provides electrical power to your vehicle when the engine runs. It also makes sure that the battery is charged after the car has been started. If the alternator fails, the car will not start. In addition, stalling at spotlights, dimming of headlights, and a battery that won’t charge is a sign that your car alternator has failed completely.

    If you’re suspecting that your charging system has given out, you can test it to be certain. Get your voltmeter and touch its probes to the plus (+) and minus (-) terminal clams of the engine when running. If the electrical current registers from 12.8 V or 14.7 V or in between, your vehicle charging system is good. However, there can be a problem in your alternator if the voltage is below 12V.

    Fusible Link

    The fusible link is a connector with high capacity that protects accessories directly wired from the battery, which include the starter. The fusible link can fail suddenly or gradually. Signs of faulty fusible link include odd behavior of accessories, unusual pause before the starter turns on and sluggish electrical accessories. Basically, a fusible link must be replaced when damaged.

    This can be pretty expensive, so you need to check for other possible issues in your car electrical system before you install another fusible link. Also, avoid jump starting your car when the clamps are revered as you may actually damage the fusible link.

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