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  • 20 Aug
    Why You Shouldn’t Top Off Your Gas Tank Posted by admin Comments Off
    gas tank spilling, Topping of Gas Tank

    Topping Off the Gas Tank?

    When you fuel up your vehicle, the gas pump shuts off automatically after the gas tank is filled. From this point, you have the option to stop fueling or add another gallon. For some reasons, you need to avoid topping off your gas tank. Below are the reasons why you shouldn’t top off your gas tank.

    Mechanical Problems          

    When you fuel up the gas tank, it expands and then creates vapors. The vehicle’s vapor recovery system absorbs this vapor and burns during the combustion. But, if you top off the gas tank, there is a huge possibility that the liquid gas will force itself to the vapor holding chamber and make it fail. This can lead to high emissions, poorly running vehicle, and end up in auto repair shop.

    Environmental Concerns

    In old cars, the gas caps have holes, allowing the vapors in the gas tank to escape. This vapors mix with the air in the environment, which leads to the huge development on how vehicles are made. These days, new car models have a gas recovery system. Besides, topping off your gas tank can lead to spills or leaks of fuel that not just hurt your pocket, but also contribute to the vapors in the environment and add to pollution.

    By not topping off your gas tank, you can save money and protect the environment at the same time. If you have the habit of topping off your gas tank, this can be the right time to stop it. Also, it’s critical that you have your car’s vapor recovery system checked for any possible damage and prevent costly repairs that may happen in the future.