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  • 19 Jun
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    Never Trust A Backyard Mechanic!

    It never fails to happen, someone will have a car problem and they’ll seek out a backyard mechanic or someone in the family that claims to know how to fix cars. A quick fix is in then installed and the car seems to be fine for a short span of time, but in the long term, something goes awry. If you have ever gone this route, you know why it can be problematic, but there’s still a lot of people that want to get a shortcut. Instead of going that route, perhaps you should know a few reasons why this is not a promising endeavor. It’s easy to say not to do it, but is there really any harm? You may be surprised.


    ASE Certified Mechanics at Pristine Automotive Center

    ASE Certified Mechanics at Pristine Automotive Center



    Cars Are More Technical Today Than Ever

    It goes without saying, the automotive industry has gained a lot of great innovations in the recent years. With so many great options, your average mechanic isn’t going to know what exactly may have gone wrong with your vehicle. If the computer system up front has gone bad, or if there’s a circuitry issue below the façade, they will only make matters worse. Not only that, the engine, brakes, and a lot of other pieces that were once easy to maintain and fix, are now harder than ever to get correct. Applying a little elbow grease and duct tape is not going to work today.

    Noise Can Be The Warning Signs of Something More Complicated

    You may hear a rattle or a shaking while you’re driving. Most cars will eventually showcase a bit of wear and tear and it will be a matter of audible concern. When the problem is a loose bolt or an axle connection that has worn down, you may have a bigger problem. When this occurs, you need heavy equipment to not only lift the car, but to also test the components to see if the noise you’re having is a matter of a bigger ailment. Auto repair professionals can check to see if the noise you have is something that requires further changes. Not only that, you may find that today’s vehicles, and the ones that have been manufactured in the past 7 or so years, have hard to reach areas welded in place that will need more finesse to get to than your average mechanic may have. It’s for this reason that you may not want to go with a backyard solution, as they may not realize how in depth the issue can be. Eliminating a noise is not the answer, fixing the root cause is the ultimate goal, and that comes with experience.

    The Backyard Is Not A Certification Ground

    Even if you think that your friend or someone’s family member is great at fixing vehicles, consider this reason, certification. When you bring your car into an ASE certified auto body shop, you are going to be taken care of by someone that has trained at a professional level to fix your car. Not only that, you will be given a guarantee on the work that is done on it. The guy in the backyard is not going to offer the same guarantee, nor the same kind of expertise, and that’s a fact.

    If your goal is to save money, it’s better to save it in the long run than up front. You could save a lot right now, and your car may stop making that frenetic noise today, but tomorrow it may cause serious damage or you may not be able to start your car. Then the cost will be double or even triple. Don’t run the risk, trust a professional.

    Trust The Right Company

    When it comes down to getting your car fixed, trust a company that will help you when it matters most. In an emergency, or simply when your schedule permits, look for Pristine Automotive Center in Los Angeles. You can get towed 24 hours a day, get your auto body repair done right, at a price that will not break the bank. Check out , and see why social media reviews, and many clients are raving about this shop.