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  • 14 May

    Are you planning to go on a long road trip this weekend? Well if you are planning a road trip soon then, you’ve surely landed at the right place. It’s no secret that road trips are fun and adventurous but at the same time they are risky and require a lot of caution. The amount of care and caution actually doubles up when you are taking your own vehicle for a long trip. In order to reach your desired travel destination, your vehicle may have to cover long distances- sometimes smooth and sometimes rugged, thus one must pay considerable amount of attention on the performance and efficiency of the vehicle he/she is planning to take.

    Safety Checklist Before going on a Long Trip

    In order to make this task easier for you all, here is a safety checklist for your vehicle that you should comply with before heading towards your road trip:

    • Have a look at the tires

    Tire safety must be at the top of your safety checklist, as one can’t really imagine the presence of a vehicle without this important component. Check the tire pressure, inspect uneven and rugged patterns on tires and ensure that the tire valves have valve caps. In order to be sure about the performance of tires, you may consult an experienced and professional automotive repair expert before heading for the trip.

    • Check the batteries

    In order to make sure that your long road trip goes smoothly, get your car batteries checked beforehand. The cracks or acid leaks on the battery can be located visually but it is the terminals and corrosion that need to be checked before going on a trip. Corrosion and low battery can cause lot of trouble to the travelers especially when they are away from home, thus,we advise you to visit an automotive repair shop to ensure your batteries performance.

    • Engine oil

    A number of travelers undergo lot of troubles on road trips because of problems related to engine oil. Thus, we advise all the prospective travelers to go for an engine oil change before heading to their travel destination. You can easily check the color and quantity of engine oil. If the engine oil level is not close to the Full mark on the dipstick or is black in color then it must be replaced immediately.

    • Check engine coolant

    Engine coolant which is present in the overflow tank can be checked visually by the car owner himself. All that needs to be done is to make sure that the level of coolant is between low and full marks. If the coolant level is below the recommended ‘low’ mark then, top it with more coolant mixed with water before going on a long trip. We even advise you to keep a good amount of coolant in your car, so that it can be used if emergency situation arises.

    Apart from the above-listed points, there are a number of things that one must check-in before going on a long trip such as air filters, transmission fluid, fuel tank and fuel efficiency etc. So, keep this safety checklist in mind and have a safe and exciting journey.  Feed free to contact us for more information  or call us at (323) 661-2200