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Many auto detailing services are located in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, but what does Auto detailing service offers? And what company offers and works best? Car vale ting or also known for Auto detailing, a service that offers inside and out polishing, cleaning, waxing an automobile; to make appearance detail of quality level. These also helps preserve value resale of a vehicle.


  1. Engine detailing: Special cleaners, high force of water, degreasers are applied to clean the hood of a car. This type of detailing is very delicate since it involves engine compartment electronics which is located inside. Not all auto shops offer this type of service, since it's a very sensitive part of the vehicle.
  2. Interior detailing: profound cleaning of the boot of the car as well its entire interior. One of the standard methods are steam cleaning and vacuuming, brushes and liquid cleaners can be used to take away stains and dirt on upholstery. We also do extensive cleaning in the panels, seats, windows, carpets and the dash area, if necessary.
  3. Exterior car detail or detailing: This involves not just thorough car cleaning but bringing the gloss and shine to the paintwork, wheels, tires, windows, chrome trims and other exteriors visible pars of a vehicle. We use state of the art techniques and products to bring your car to perfections. Paint correction or polishing is done by using specific pads for polishing such as microfiber, wool or foam. This is to mainly take away the microns of coat from a car and able to remove fine or minimal scratches, oxidation, swirl marks and other blemish from paint surface that comes from drying techniques, inappropriate washing techniques and other causes.
  4. Schedule for vehicle maintenance. Regular scheduling of your vehicle detailing is very important to maintain your car running and looking great. Polishing, washing, and overall detailing should be done on regular basis to keep a routine and make your car look and run its best.

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